People, nowadays, prefer renting a serviced apartment for short stays rather than booking at luxury hotels. Serviced apartments are like regular residential apartments which are maintained by regular staff and given on rent to the needy traveler. Luxury bed and breakfast Mumbai facilities can be enjoyed at some of the serviced apartments which are set on exclusive properties. A few advantages obtained from the Mumbai serviced apartments are listed below:

  • Cost Effective: Serviced apartments provide a cost-effective option for longer stays. It is quite impractical to stay at luxury hotels for longer periods and hence, you can enjoy the benefit of the warm luxury at affordable rates in the serviced apartments.

  • Excellent Amenities: The serviced apartments are well furnished and provide a luxurious ambiance to the resident. Marbled flooring, good quality furniture and in general excellent interiors make the stay of the resident comfortable and relaxing.

  • Home Cooked Food: A serviced apartment has a fully equipped and operational kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, gas stove, dishwasher and cutlery. The resident can relish good home cooked food as per his liking and preference. He has the freedom to experiment with cooking himself or get his favorite cuisine prepared from the cook. The restriction of ordering only from the given menu as in hotels is eliminated. Moreover, you cannot store groceries for the length of your stay in a hotel nor can you store leftover food.

  • Entertainment: People living in the serviced apartments are away from their families and hence need some form of entertainment for them to be engaged in their leisure time. Serviced apartments have big size Plasma/LCD TV screens with home theatre systems. This enables the resident to unwind after a tiring day and give him the feel of relaxing at home.

  • Communication: All the serviced apartments have telephone connection with STD/ISD facility as well as an internet connection. It is convenient for the resident to work from this home on weekends or holidays. Provision of a photocopier or a fax machine or printer makes the communication equipment complete.

Besides the above facilities, this temporary accommodation Mumbai also allows the use of facilities such as health clubs equipped with trainers, spas and Jacuzzis, tennis courts exclusive to the society of which they are a part of. This just proves that there is nothing to beat the serviced apartment in terms of providing super comforts and luxuries at fraction of costs charged by luxury hotels.